Hi everyone. Today is the father’s day. Lot of us won’t be able to spend father’s day with our father’s during quarantine. Yes, my dad is in India and am here in Singapore. We both chatted in video calls. Father is more special in everyone life. My father is my all time favorite. He is very inspiration, protective,sacrificing and most of all loving. Whenever I feel down my father’s word gives me boost up. Always our dad will be guiding us, giving advice and advice whether we like or not he will shower us with his advice.Funny isn’t it. But on a serious note, his words will give strength to us and his hard-work will make an example for all of us . My dad pampers me like a baby even after i had grown-up till now. There will be lot to say about my dad. Though we are far apart we can still celebrate our father’s day by giving him amazing gifts and surprise him either by handmade craft work or buy anything which he loves. Because every dad will feel amazing on this special day. So don’t forget to appreciate him either by cards or gifts or by handmade works when it is all done on this day.

My daughter created for her dad on fathers day.. Look into these artworks and crafts from my daughter.

  1. Cards

You can use these in your cards or by using puzzle pieces or by tool nuts..

2. Special HUG

You can create like this. Give a Big hug to your dad by creating this easy and fantastic handmade craft. Because whatever you do for sure he will love everything. This is also an art but from waste stuffs and it is priceless for your dad ..

3. Photo Frame

You can also make a photo frame ,in no time by using your waste cardboard. Give your dad to cherish his old memories by creating an album. You know your dad better than anyone else in the world. There are plenty of gift options and ideas available to get him excited.

Let me know what you have created for your dad. So write down in the comment sections and don’t forget to subscribe my blog..Happy fathers day to all the wonderful fathers all over the world.


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