Hi everyone..How are you all. Hope everyone is doing well at home. Today I am going to share a healthy recipe which contains lots of benefits. Fiber plays a very important role in our life. Green moong contains more proteins with minerals like potassium, magnesium,iron and copper. That is why it is said to be nutrient-rich food. Since this moong contains more fiber and protein. It suppress our hunger and helps to reduce weight loss. Some of you won’t believe how it can reduce weight. It’s proven here. Please see this

Weight Loss

It provide more health benefits

  1. Lower Bad Cholesterol
  2. Helps to maintain Blood Pressure levels
  3. Maintains Blood Sugar level
  4. Strengthen nerve
  5. Helps to reduce weight loss

The ingredients for the green moong curry is given below

The procedure for this is explained below. If you have any queries feel free to contact me..

This is a very nutritious recipe. Everyone in my family love this recipe. Prepare this and give to your kids. It improves their brain development. Makes you to reduce weight. Share your experience while preparing this recipe.So don’t forget to leave your comments and subscribe my blog.


  1. Hi… nice dishπŸ˜‹…it’s looks healthy….. looks yummy …today we are making this recipe 😊..looking forward for more post….😊

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