Hi everyone.. How are you all. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Today we are going to see about an amazing health benefits of a plant. Mimosa pudica is the biological name of Thotta Sinungi (Tamil name) also referred as Touch me not. In our childhood we have come across this plant.

During those time we have played touching the plant leaves for the fun of seeing how it shrink its leaves inside. At that time we won’t have thought that it has numerous health benefits. I share one of the health benefits which I personally experienced.

Nowadays most of us are facing the problem of leg pain. Even after visiting the doctors taking tablets changing the treatments. Nothing workout for leg pain. My mom went through this cycle. At that time we came to know the benefits of this plant thotta sinungi.

It’s a simple process and my mom is relieved from pain by doing it. I hereby share the process so all could benefit from this.

  • Pluck the leaves from the plant and wash it with water.
  • Now grind the leaves in a mixer till it becomes fine paste.
  • Now apply this in the leg where there is swelling or pain.
  • Leave it for 4 to 5 hrs.
  • Then wash it.

Do this once a day for a period of 3 to 4 days continuously.

The above method can also be used for swelling in hand caused by hitting some hard materials. We applied this paste on our grandmother’s hand which had swelling due to hitting on the cot while sleeping. It showed amazing results in 2 days, the swellings had  drastically reduced and the pain she felt has gone on the 3rd day we applied the paste and so she started moving her hand freely.

I hope you all try this and get the benefit. You could experience the difference of your pain and swelling within the time period said above.Share your thoughts after experiencing it… Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Also don’t forget to follow my blog to get more updates.

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