Hello everyone. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hope you all are doing good. In this lockdown to make your day joyful I have a special painting to share with you guys.

The painting of Lord Ganesh is my art of the week. I hope you all would like it and is an easy painting that everyone can try this. Once it is done, you will come to know about the painting master inside you.

Since we got stuck in this lockdown we cannot go outside ,so I thought of painting in cardboard. You can paint as per your wish in various materials.

Things needed

  1. Cardboard
  2. Acrylic Color
  3. Paint Brush

You can use any drawing paper or even canvas paper. If you don’t have acrylic you can use poster color or any kind of water color.


For your reference I have drawn the Lord Ganesh outline with pencil. You use white colour paint for the outline.

  • Draw a semicolon “ , ”then at the end draw a “W” from there draw a “j”.This makes the trunk of ganesh.
  • Below the trunk draw a broad “ U “.  This makes the stomach of ganesh.
  • Draw the hands and legs of ganesh.
  • Then draw the ears and crown of lord ganesh.
  • Then draw the eyes of lord ganesh.
  • Finally , i have finished the painting with different colors that comes to my mind.
  • I have used a mixture of red, yellow, orange for the skin and used ultramarine blue color for legs. Eye is the most important of ganesha. I used green color,along with blue and white color.

You can give this as a gift to anyone during any festive occasions or during any house warming function. Hope you all enjoyed the drawing. Let’s meet another time, until then take care and be safe.


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