Hi guys. Today am going to show you a fun and creative art that you can do when you feel bored at home. Creating a dot painting is a fun activity. It’s a little bit similar to Pointillism but here it is inspired by different artists and Aboriginal art. It’s a great therapeutic and relaxing. Aboriginal art has a deeper meaning that you can look into as well. You can tell stories through this type of art or just create a beautiful artwork while relaxing. This is a super cute,fun and easy design. Make this unique gift for your loved ones.

Tools needed :
1. Cardboard or Canvas Board.
2. Painting brush/Ear buds/Pen tips.
3. Acrylic color/ Poster color.
4. Compass.


  • Take the black cardboard or if you are not having any cardboard use black canvas and take a compass to draw circle of equal interval. Approximately 15 circles came for me. You can minimize the number of circles as per your convenient.
  • First keep a large center dot and small dots around it with white paint in the first circle.In between the first and second circle keep large white dots, then in the outer second circle keep small white dots.
  • In the 3rd circle keep large white dots above the line and in-between the 3rd and 4th circle keep small dots. Draw another circle of small dots above the 4th circle.In-between 4th and 5th circle draw large green dots.
  • Then use different colors as per the above pictures. After the white paint dries off use multiple color so that the painting looks pretty good.

  • Repeat the process till the paper is filled with dots.

Hope you should have a wonderful experience of painting . If you frame this it looks really great. Try this and let me know. Kindly share and follow my blog for new updates . Thank you for all the love and support .Catch you all in an another post until then bye and take care.


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