Hi everyone. How are you all. Today am going to share some ideas about gift for the upcoming teacher’s day.Without teachers we cannot shine in any fields. Teachers motivate us to do everything. They always inspire us to give our best & their unlocking passion during the lock down.

Teachers are really hardworking and amazing.Some schools are closed and in some places they are open. Wherever you are whatever you do.. Don’t forget to wish teachers on their special day and shower your love for them.. Teachers are also one among the unsung heroes during this pandemic situation. They manage their families and also preparing online classes which is somewhat difficult.

Show them their love by giving gifts , cards and wishes. Make them feel special. Teachers have lots and lots of patience,they care for us, they understand our feelings. In my life each and every teacher has a special part .Other than subjects they guide us more in all situations.How to handle everything.. I love all my teachers.. Happy teachers day to all my wonderful teachers.. Everybody has their favorite teacher who made our life a piece of art. Send them your teacher day wish in a way that they will remember it.

The role of teachers can’t be explained in words. They are the sunshine in our life.Am gonna show you 3 types of greeting card to our teachers. If you have kids you can make them to do it.Very easy and for sure the effort you put to do the cards for sure teacher will love it.

Greeting card No 1

Let me tell you how to do the above card.

Things needed

  1. Pista shell ( pistachio outer cover )
  2. Chart Paper or Card
  3. Acrylic color
  4. Brush
  5. Color pen
  6. Cotton
  7. Glue


  • Take the pistachio shell and paint it with different color. Then let them dry.
  • Then paste the shell on the card closely.
  • Then decorate as you wish and write some quotes.

Greeting card No 2

This is a very simple and easy greeting card. Kids can make this to their teachers. Teachers will love this for sure. It’s a simple and kind way to thank our teachers.

Things needed

  1. Poster color
  2. Sketch Pen


Use your kids thumb finger to look like a caterpillar and send your thanks to your teachers. Kids love to do this activity.Another activity you can make like this.

Greeting card No 3

Things needed

  1. Ice cream sticks
  2. Acrylic color


  • Take the ice cream sticks and cut accordingly like it looks like a crayon..
  • Paste it in the card. Before that make sure to paint with your favorite colors and do some emoji’s and finally write your wishes you want to say to your teacher.That’s all a greeting card is ready..

Hope you will try and surprise your teacher. Happy weekend. My hearty happy teacher’s day for all the teacher’s. Also don’t forget to follow my blog and leave your comments by how you surprise your teachers… See you in the next post..


    1. Teacher’s are the unsung heroes of the crisis. Their unlocking passion during this lockdown. Hardwork to teach remotely in whatever ways to deliver their lessons. Teachers are always an inspiration to the students…

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